Tapping Tuesdays Recordings – 2018

Join us in the Your Sanctuary Facebook Group for a Facebook live Tapping session, on a topic of your choice.

You can also watch past Tapping Videos here!

Releasing pressure on your fertility journey…
Embarrassment and shame
Tapping on “unexplained infertility” and having no answers.

Overcoming overwhelm

Tapping on letting go of GUILT and TRUSTING yourself

Tapping around fertility related money issues…

Expanding our view from ‘baby’ to ‘family’ as the focus on our fertility journey…

Tap with me on the Two Week Wait (including our fear and expectation of it). Part 1

Tap with me on the Two Week Wait (including our fear and expectation of it). Part 2

Turning to self care – tap with me to bring more self care into your life

Tap with me on managing fear by staying present

Before and after egg collection… allowing yourself to stay present and trust.

How do I really feel about being a mother?
Tapping on AGE and how it makes us feel…
[LIVE!] Tapping Tuesday – using EFT to prepare for the future.
[LIVE!] Tapping Tuesday – “It’s a lot of work…”
[LIVE!] Tapping Tuesday – Preparing to remain calm through fertility procedures
When life doesn’t match your expectations…
Shift from dread to excitement in an instant….!
Tap into more energy with EFT!
Tap with me on allowing and releasing negative emotions…
Let’s tap on staying centered and comfortable with our own thoughts, beliefs and choices
How to switch off and stop worrying…
Are you “programmed” to conceive?
Let’s tap together on forgiveness
A fertility journey is all about… waiting.
Let’s Touch & Breathe together – a relaxing, centering EFT technique.
How to make good decisions using EFT tapping.
release fears that do not support us
Tapping on how to continue to find strength + some Sanctuary updates
let’s tap together on releasing control, and finding balance and joy in life
Bubble of Protection Exercise
Recovering From Fertility Setbacks
Healing from Miscarriage and Loss ❤
TRUSTING our body ❤
Taking steps forward on your fertility journey
Our first Tapping Tuesday for Sanctuary members! Come and tap with us
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