Tapping Tuesdays Recordings – 2022

Join us in the Your Sanctuary Facebook Group for a Facebook live Tapping session, on a topic of your choice.

You can also watch past Tapping Videos here!

Feeling nervous around TTC

Acceptance and being ok with what is

Uncertainty and fear

Feeling strange about fertility

Making a connection to eggs/ embryos

Sending my body love

Grounding and preparing

Anticipation (of change next step) and allowing

Needing to be busy; finding peace in the stillness

Preparing for egg collection

Tapping through anxiety

Reconnecting to hope and the “why”

Feeling hopeful and connected to my one embryo

Uncertainty and decision making

Handling all the stress in life

Staying strong when you feel defeated

Healing hurt and disappointment

What is my purpose outside of the fertility journey

Trust and Timing This isn’t where I wanted to be

A moment to be still and tap with what comes to mind

Two week wait symptoms and thoughts

Feeling like it’s time to stop trying, but I’m not ready to.

Mix of feelings after a loss or setback

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