Tapping Tuesdays Recordings – 2021

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How to spend this time over Christmas

Overanalysing and “what can I do better”

When things feel out of our control

Preparing for Christmas

Anger and loss around friendships

Cycles changing premenopausal symptoms

The sadness of anniversaries and time passing

Reconnecting with hope and resilience

Anxious about outcomes and not sure what to do next

Have I been ‘approved’ for motherhood

Feel like I’m being tested over and over

Preparing for an appointment

Tapping into emotional resilience

Finding peace in a situation that cannot be changed

Is it safe for my body to be pregnant and give birth?
Recovering, healing, preparing

Accepting and surrendering

A block to doing exercise (or anything!)

Tapping with and through a current emotion

Preparing for big changes

Feeling shame around fertility issues

Shifting energy to hope and peace

Stop searching and give it time

Struggling with focus when it didn’t work before

Having more fun and remembering who I am.

Cutting out sugar and cravings

Adjusting to change on a fertility journey

Waiting on results or news

Waiting to be a mother or being a fertility patient

Finding peace in this world we’re in

It feels like it’s never ending

Grief around changing friendships

Am I doing too much? Or not enough?

Letting go of control and accepting what is

Negative thinking holding me back

Having patience with and confidence in my body to heal.

Hope and being open to receive

Tapping on physical manifestation of emotional pain

Fear and anxiety when things are going well

The shock of the unexpected

Tapping on feelings of guilt

Tapping to be present and mindful

Tapping for sleep when you feel tense

Struggling with motivation and consistency

How to feel in the two week wait

A different approach to fertility goals

I want to trust my body can conceive

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