Tapping Tuesday Recordings – 2019

Join us in the Your Sanctuary Facebook Group for a Facebook live Tapping session, on a topic of your choice.

You can also watch past Tapping Videos here!

Special New Year’s Eve Tapping!

Time for reflection…

Tapping for grounding

Connecting with fertile energy

I’m done with fertility clinics & treatment!

Worried things will go wrong again

Stress and linked physical symptoms

Feeling negative in the 2ww when there is no reason to be!

Being kind and gentle to your mind and body after a disappointment

Scary thoughts about medical procedures

Dealing with too many obstacles and overwhelm

Tapping on doubts

Tapping to refocus on fertility

Tapping after bad news & allowing the emotions

Why am I being tested like this/waiting so long

Tapping on fertility milestones

Tapping on anxiety

Tapping on the shock and fear of IVF

When we’re not getting the results we want…

Redefining myself & my fertility journey

Staying strong and staying the course

Why can’t I “achieve” my fertility goals?

Focusing on what I have & not comparing myself to others

Letting go of control over outcomes

Moving forward with positivity, perspective and balance

Doubt and uncertainty + tapping on receiving support

Connecting to our own needs and decisions.

Tapping on trust – and what gets in the way

Tapping on fear of the next step (next IVF cycle, pregnancy test, early pregnancy etc)
Tapping on fear in the body
Recovering from strong emotional triggers
Struggling with trust and what I should be doing…
Tapping on stress…
Tapping on inflammation (or any other physical symptom)
Anxiety around decision making
Switching off the maybes and what ifs
How do we switch our thoughts away from the negative and towards the positive
When things don’t go to plan…
Letting go of my past fertility story…
Tapping on pregnancy feeling distant…
Tapping on physical pain
Finding your answers to difficult questions…
Bringing back FOCUS to your fertility journey
“Tapping & Chatting”
Tapping through strong emotions…
Tapping for gratitude and joy!

Staying sane when things get intense

Calming overthinking & over-researching

Tapping on letting go and moving on
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