Pay It Forward

Although the paid membership levels of the Sanctuary are priced to give excellent value, we understand they may not be affordable for everyone. Alongside offering the free BUD level of membership, we also want to create opportunities for more people to be able to access the BLOSSOM level of support, where they can explore the whole library of fertility support resources and receive direct support from Sarah and the community.

How to give to Pay It Forward

If you would like to donate a month or more of membership fees at £29 a month, we will match your donation. This means that for every month of Sanctuary membership paid for, we will pay forward two months. You can donate using the buttons below, and pay using PayPal or any debit or credit card. Thank you SO much for your generosity and support of others!

How to receive from Pay It Forward

We distribute free Pay It Forward memberships in blocks of 3 months. Anyone is welcome to request a Pay It Forward membership and you do not need to give any reason or explanation. Just send an email to Heather at support@fertilemindset.com with the title “Pay It Forward request” from the email address you would like to use, and your full name. We will contact you as soon as there is a membership available. If we have more requests than we have memberships, we will use a random “name in the hat” system of allocating and keep your name on the list for another time.

Details of both donors and recipients are kept in confidence and names will never be revealed.

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